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Roman Handicrafts is engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of a wide range of Chainmail Products such as Chainmail Coif, Chainmail Wedge Riveted Haubergeon, Chainmail Aventail. and etc,

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Chainmail Armours

We are in reproduction of chainmail body armour and accessories reproductions that are designed to meet standards and specifications. The products are not only for the display/gift as well as fully functional items of medieval weapon like chainmail hauberk, skirt, mantle, coif, wedge, body armors, from a specific time/century during the european medieval era down by century etc. Are being developed by us. Since the large group of people throughout the world are enthusiastic to keep memory of ancient era armory as the gift or decorative items. As antique armory has its own enthusiasm and the replica of the same is used widely in movies to provide a real look. We are making our best efforts to make replicas historically accurate for new or experienced users and collectors. Ancient empires art, gifts, and collectibles inspired by the past civilizations of ancient egypt, rome, greece & medieval era. We at roman handicrafts based at meerut in india is founded with an inspiration for establishing a creative in quality products with selected highly experienced professionals in setting up the organization with specialization handicraft having experience over more than two decades. We always put our best efforts to honor our commitments. Therefore the company is dedicated to offer quality products to meet the requirements by innovations in routine maintaining all standard. We aim that re-enactors should feel realize satisfied to accomplish their kit more complete of their choice. So we are sure that you feel delighted of our product designs and styles with our arm and armory range of products belonging to ancient time period are charming. This is because of use of specific desired standard materials and metals makes chainmail armory durable. We would appreciate you to come forward with a positive approach in joining hands with us to starting a new venture for a mutually beneficial business for both the organizations.

chainmail Haubergeon

We offer a wide range of Chainmail 6mm flatring round riveted with alt rings Hauberk made of mild steel 18 gauge wire. Our offered Chainmail Armour 6mm 4 in 1 patture flatring ring round riveted with altenate solid ring stainless Hauberk is a Heavy dutty mail extends a number of benefits to those who wear it. In addition, to providing a high degree of protection, Chainmail Armour is a perfect choice for SCA heavy fighters events such as renaissance fairs, costume parties or just wearing it to the club or an evening destination to create your own style statement. Chainmail Armour is widely appreciated for its amazing looks and sturdy construction. The measured directions are stretched while taking the measurements. ring ID 6mm flatring round riveted with solid rings. 18 gauge. oil finished. item code Code : RHC 30

chainmail coif

The chainmail chainmail 6mm round riveted riveted coif made of mild steel . The chainmaille coif has an open face front section to give you great visibility and drapes over the entire neck onto the shoulders. It was usually covered by a helm for added protection. Hand-made of interwoven iron rings, the mail coif would have been very painful to wear without the addition of thick, soft padding beneath it. The chainmaille coif includes the aventail (neck cover) and thus covers the sides, back and front of the wearers’ head. Medieval Chainmail Coif is made in 4 in 1 pattern. The standard size coif has a forehead circumference of 26 inches. The overall length of 18"-20" and bottom edge circumference of 56", it fits to all. The Chainmail rings have a various size inner diameter as stated and are made with 17gauge wire. Details The standard size of Chainmail Coif has a forehead circumference of 26 inches. The overall length of 18"-20" and bottom edge circumference of 56", fits to all. The Chainmail rings have a various size inner diameter as stated and are made with 17 gauge wire. 6mm flatring round riveted with (alt) solid rings coif construction 18' gauge finishing blackend and oil finish. Code : RHC 16


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You can buy handicraft related accessories here this place also producde metal shurts

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